The Modern Trend of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has become something of a catch phrase in the modern media. Medical journals discuss medical tourism as a means of boistering a country’s medical industry. Travel organizations advertise the medical benefits available to tourists within a particular region. Medical tourism is praised as a fresh, modern way of helping to grow local economies […]

Canada Welcomes Medical Tourists from Tibet

Medical tourism is a revolution to global medical practices. It enables world citizens to pick and choose which region of the world they solicit for medical services. The obvious benefit to this practice is that different countries and regions specialize in different medical services, so allowing people to travel to take advantage of foreign medical […]

Tibetans in Need of Medical Care

Tibetans have a distinct culture, heritage and history. As a region of China with a history of having to fight for autonomy, Tibet is known on the world stage as a region to watch out for and offer solidarity to. Its native culture is one of renowned Buddhist spirituality. With these cultural and historic distinctions […]