Canada Welcomes Medical Tourists from Tibet

healthcare Canada for Tibet

Medical tourism is a revolution to global medical practices. It enables world citizens to pick and choose which region of the world they solicit for medical services. The obvious benefit to this practice is that different countries and regions specialize in different medical services, so allowing people to travel to take advantage of foreign medical services benefits that traveler as well as the region.

Canada is one of many countries that embraces the practice of medical tourism. In fact, Canada and the United States alike are working to grow their medical tourism options as a way of sustaining their medical industries and of attracting travelers to their region. This has proven successful for Canada’s medical industry because it is one of global repute. Canadian medicine is known to be one of the best in the world. With access to the latest scientific advancements and technology, Canadian doctors are among the most respected in the global medical community. There are a number of surgeries, procedures and specialties found in Canadian medicine that are performed better than anywhere else on earth.

Tibetan citizens are able to take advantage of Canadian medical tourism by traveling to Canada and plugging into their medical system. The two countries have a good standing relationship with one another and there are no particular travel restrictions between them. Tibetans can either purchase travel insurance and use the Canadian medical system covered by insurance, or they can simply pay out of pocket for medical services. The average Tibetan is likely to purchase travel insurance as a majority of the population is not high income earning.

Tibetans have radically different medical practices from Canadians. The Canadian medical system is very Westernized, applying pharmaceuticals and prodecures to most ailments. In Tibet, medical practices are much more likely to involve holistic remedies and traditional therapies for musulo-skeletal issues. This means that both countries can greatly benefit from an exchange of information and an integration of medical knowledge.

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