Tibetans in Need of Medical Care

Tibet medical treatmentTibetans have a distinct culture, heritage and history. As a region of China with a history of having to fight for autonomy, Tibet is known on the world stage as a region to watch out for and offer solidarity to. Its native culture is one of renowned Buddhist spirituality. With these cultural and historic distinctions comes a unique health profile. When it comes to health matters, Tibetans are known to have certain strengths and certain weaknesses, some of which are a product of the Tibetan region and some of which are a produt of Tibetan society.

Some of the health strengths that Tibetans are known to possess are their high altitude functionality, strong lungs, physical abilities and organic Eastern medical remedies. Tibet is situated in a high altitude plataeu that leads the flanks of the Himalayas. Therefore, its residents are uniquely euipped to thrive in high altitude conditions thanks to centuries of evolution at a high altitude. Their lungs are bigger than the average world citizen’s, and their prowess for physical activity exceeds most other people’s. Tibet is the seat of Eastern medicine and represents the origins of holisic medical remedies.

However, the health prognosis for Tibet is not entirely positive. Tibetans are known to have health weaknesses as well as strengths, which include pulmonary conditions related to high altitude and a number of conditions that are found in developing nations the world over. There are some diseases that pose a threat to the general populous, such as malaria and hepatitis A and B, and some other conditions that are born of parasites and poor sanitation.

Tibetans have a rich and valuable history of practicing holistic medicine, but they can still greatly benefit from the advent of medical tourism. Medical tourism emerged in the twenty first century as a global trend and has revolutionized the way we think of modern medical practice. Rather than being limited to the medical provisions of one’s birth country and local health insurance, travel enables people to select medical services from the global marketplace where they can find a broad range of options to meet their needs.

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