The Risk Of Inhalants

Inhalants are one of the many categories that certain drugs can be placed under. In turn, inhalants are defined as “volatile substances (that produce chemical vapors) that are rarely taken any other route other than inhalation.” Now when one first thinks of this, his/her mind might automatically redirect itself to cocaine, or other similar inhaled substances, but the keyword with inhalants is that they have to do with “chemical vapors” and the “inhalation” of such. Therefore, these usually consist of household cleaners such as; aerosols, gases, nitrites, and so on. First and foremost are aerosols which include products such as “spray paints and hair sprays.” Second is gases which include “medical anesthetics.” The third is nitrites which include “Isoamyl nitrite.”

As a result, these products are extremely dangerous to the body – especially after they are used for an extended amount of time – because they aren’t meant for the human body. This can be seen through some of the short term effects of the brain which include but are not limited to; “slurred or distorted speech, lack of coordination (control of body movement, euphoria, dizziness, and others.”

But some of the long term effects are far greater including but not limited to; “liver and kidney damage, hearing loss, brain damage, and loss of coordination and limb spasms.” Since the chemicals from the inhalants go directly to the brain it causes a significant amount of damage because once the brain shuts down, so do a number of other functions throughout the body. Consequently, the brain isn’t the only thing that inhalants will begin to affect, but the heart as well. For inhaling these harmful products can cause the person’s heart to stop instantaneously. 

In conclusion, it is best for the person to get help before it’s too late. In doing so, those who struggle with inhalant abuse have the ability to free themselves of potential death from “sniffing” and/or “huffing” the substance. They might not be so lucky the next time they try to get ahold of the substance though because just like with any other type of drug, inhalants pose the risks of an overdose just the same. It only takes one instance for this to take place before the addict finds himself/herself dead. In turn, even if it may be a difficult road to recovery, it will be worth it in the end because the individual will find himself/herself living a healthy, drug-free life.

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