Tibetans are perhaps China’s most popular and mysterious ethnic minority. They live among the world’s highest mountains on a vast beautiful plateau.

The Tibetan ancestors once had a powerful empire about 1400 years ago, and after that, Tibetans vied for control of Central Asia with Han Chinese and Mongols. 

Currently, there are about 7,000,000 Tibetans, and they are one of the biggest of China’s 55 ethnic groups. Tibetans do not live in Tibet only, they are scattered across the globe.

Good nutrition is not all about dieting, it is about balance and ensuring that your body is getting all the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly. Good nutrition entails eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fats, proteins, and starches.  

One of the main reasons people practice good nutrition is either to maintain a healthy weight or to lose weight. It prevents obesity and other weight-related problems that come with the lack of a good diet. 

“You are what you eat” when you eat a dish filled with good nutrients, you feel better and become more energized. It is necessary to avoid sugary food or meals with added sugar to prevent sugar high and crashes.

Good nutrition increases blood flow to the brain, which helps to prevent brain diseases such as dementia and cognitive decline. As good as it is to listen to our body and give in to cravings here and there, it is also necessary to watch what we take in from day-to-day.

Furthermore, having quality eating habits reduces the risk of developing certain diseases as your immune system is strengthened and can fight infections. Also, it plays a role in the health of the skin.

For example, foods that contain vitamins C and E, lycopene, and other antioxidants help protect the skin against damage. 

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