Tibetans mainly live in the Tibet Autonomous Region in West china and adjacent mountain ranges. Tibetans are perhaps China’s most popular and mysterious ethnic minority.

They live among the world’s highest mountains on a vast beautiful plateau. The Tibetan ancestors once had a powerful empire about 1400 years ago, and after that, Tibetans vied for control of Central Asia with Han Chinese and Mongols. 

Currently, there are about 7,000,000 Tibetans, and they are one of the biggest of China’s 55 ethnic groups. Tibetans do not live in Tibet only, they are scattered across the globe.

Good health is majorly based on a good diet and it is the key to unlocking a healthy lifestyle. Until your whole body is free from all kinds of diseases and infections, you cannot declare being in a good health. Good health, besides also make us look better and fit at all times.

One thing good health does is make you look forward to the next day with so much vigor and optimism as you are free of all diseases or infections. It gives you a more cheerful outlook on life.

Secondly, maintaining the proper type of weight gives you more energy to carry out daily activities effectively. When the weight of the body is too much, the lungs, heart, and bones are affected as they feel so much stress. It also helps you to feel less tired whenever you have to carry a simple load.

The benefits of a strong immune system cannot be overemphasized, and what good health does is to strengthen the immune system. Overweight is always being caused by not just eating too much food, but also by eating too much of the wrong foods.

Feeling good and taking care of your health boosts your self-esteem and is essential for all-around wellness.

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